From VET to WOW


Project No. 2013-1-PL1-LEO04-38669


The labour market is aware of the upheavals created by globalization of the economy and of technology and also by the proliferation of networks: rapid evolution of job opportunities, frequent use of networks by organizations, diffusion of the culture of quality, has become inseparable from strategies for success in business, sharing of work time and the precariousness of workers’ status. The student world has also evolved rapidly. The splitting of this demand works in favour of partnerships between education, industry and local and regional authorities, as well as in favour of greater mobility between institutions. The need for the student to be confronted to the world of work and real life within society has become an irreversible reality. The general aim of education should be to prepare young people for live and work.


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INNCREA/POLAND                               SMEBOX/SWEDEN                               I.E.S. TEROR /GRAN CANARIA-SPAIN

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31-157 Kraków, Poland                         7 51 46 Uppsala                                    35330 TEROR

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Kick off meeting: VET to WOW

SECMO hosted kick-off meeting of the project VET to WOW in Waalre on 9-12 October 2013.

The European partners from Sweden, Poland and Gran Canaria attended the meeting. The responsibilities shared, the work programme prepared and all the partners agreed on the aims, activities and results of the project…

The European partners have vistited ROC ter AAA Helmond which is cooperating with SECMO in this project.


The 2nd meeting of the project will be in Uppsala/Sweden on 26 February -01 March 2014.

2nd Meeting VET to WOW- Uppsala/Sweden

SECMO attended 2nd Partnership Meeting of the project “From VET to WOW” in Uppsala/Sweden, 26.02.2014 – 01.03.2014. You can watch the video of conference and meeting from the link below.

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Poster From VET to WOW:

poster VET to WOW

3th Partnership Meeting:

The 3rd meeting of the project was organized in Teror / Gran Canaria – Spain by I.E.S Teror. All the partner were represented in this meeting. It was very useful meeting for the improvement of the actions and activities of the project.

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4th Partnership Meeting:

4th Meeting of “From VET to WOW” was organized by coordinator InnCrea in Krakow/Poland on 19-22 November 2014. SECMO and ROC Ter AA Helmond have attended this meeting and presented the award process in the Netherlands…

All the partner institutions were represented in the meeting. There were also students from I.E.S Teror.

In the second day of the meeting the gala was organized and the award winning Polish schools were ready there. The partners of “From VET to WOW” project have organized the competition for VET Schools “Best in Cooperation between Schools and World of Work”. Each partner organization decided their criteria with consulting the experts in this area in their country. Moreover each partner organization decided to organize the competition local, regional or national. In the 4th project meeting which was organized in Krakow by the coordinator institution Inncrea, the gala was organized for the award ceremony. The winner Polish schools were received their awards. We are happy to announce the winner schools from the partner countries…

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The Next Meeting:

The next meeting, 5th partnership meeting, will be held in Helmond/ the Netherlands. ROC Ter AA Helmond will organize this meeting by cooperating with SECMO/ Waalre.