"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"- Aristotles
    The Foundation for Education, Culture and Migration Research


  • Promoting lifelong learning by projects and researches.
  • Making a difference to learners of all ages, by making researches in education, culture and migration issues.
  • Developing and managing projects and researches across a wide range of aspects of education, culture and migration.
  • Increasing the impact of researches on practice and policy
  • Cooperating with schools, universities, adult education institutions and all the other institutions working in education, culture and migration.
  • Making a difference by promoting lifelong learning, citizenship education, culture and migration studies.
  • Finding workable solutions to the educational disadvantages facing migrants across the globe.
  • Providing high quality, evidence-based research for policy makers, universities, schools and practitioners.
  • Making needs analysis researches to find out the needs in the areas of education, culture and migration.
  • Supporting disadvantaged groups (young people, women, children, migrants, etc.) by developing training programs according to their needs.
  • Helping to create equal opportunity in education for all individuals.