"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."  Chinese Proverb

SECMO is a partner organisation in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project.

2013  Project Partnerships:

1. ACE (Active Citizens in Europe) -Dissens – Berlin /Germany (Coordinator)

Grundtvig LP Project

The target group of the project is adults. The project aims to contribute increasing the quality of adults’ life (by raising awareness of adults’ about their rights as EU citizens). With the help of this project it will be possible to inform adults about their rights as EU citizens by organizing workshops, arranging interviews with them and developing a website to reach greater number of adults. So, by developing and managing this project in the Netherlands, SECMO aims to help and contribute Dutch adults to be active citizens of Europe.

2. SOS EU PROJECT 2013 – C.e.s.a.f. S.C./ Italy (Coordinator)

Grundtvig Project

The project focuses on identifying innovative practices and approaches for the development of learning, especially using the sense of humor, by paying particular attention to models and good practices.

This Learning partnership will be managed by 7 European organizations (Italy, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Sweden and United Kingdom) working in the adult education field, who daily face the problems derived from the difficult of involving and improving attention in their students.

3. From VET to WOW – LdV Project- The Cracow Centre of the Management and Administration Ltd (KCZIA) – Krakow / Poland (COORDINATOR)

Leonardo da Vinci Programme


– Stichting voor Educatie-, Cultuur- en Migratie Onderzoek / Waalre- the Netherlands –   & ROC Helmond
– Fundacja Wspierania Rozwoju Innowacji i Kreatywności “InnCrea” /Poland
– Instituto De Educacion Secundaria Teror /Spain
– SMEBOX AB /Sweden


The partnership between VET and employers must provide support to the schools and training centres (its students and lecturers) in achieving their educational goals. It also represents a specific form of investment creating a favourable environment and a social, educational and qualification-providing potential, which can be used by companies.

Opening VET to flexible pathways and create better conditions for transition to working life. The cooperation may not only include VET schools or institutions but also enterprises, social partners or other VET stakeholders with the different perspectives and experiences.

Therefore our main objectives are to know new models of cooperation between VET and the world of work (WOW) in local context, develop professional competencies and knowledge of participants in the area of cooperation between VET and WOW, learn and share new methods and good practices in cooperation between VET and WOW.


2012 Project Partnerships:

1. Traditional  Games of Europe : A new way of Learning and Teaching at  Pre-Primary and Primary Education- University of Ankara/Turkey (Coordinator) 


2011 Project Partnerships:

Physical Computing / Robotics , Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio – PT

This project intend to develop the use of Physical Computing as a teaching-learning tool to give students chance to learn by enjoying that process with high level of motivation, creativity and scientific attitude.

The schools have a very limited contact with the new world of technology changing faster and faster. Teachers didn’t have chance in initial or in-service training to improve didactic strategies using this new technological tools and new methodologies that Science has recently created. Technology Enhanced Learning is therefore an important process to adapt the teaching-learning to the evolution of society, promoting the growing of Science and Technology education at school, in order to help both teachers’ and students’ development, creativity and motivation to teach and to learn.